The Ambassadors of Taste for the Global Gastronomy® organization & guide sets the ground for a new era in world gastronomy! Honorable members of the Ambassadors of Taste® organization work together to forge solutions to achieve sustainable gastronomy. Cultural exchange, Culinary heritage & Local tradition preservation are parts of its mission statement. Τhe idea of a united global gastronomy with gratitude to the heritage and local tradition of all nations individually, plus core values as environmental sustainability and humanitarian aid, are reflected on its philosophy.


The honorary title of Ambassadors of Taste for the Global Gastronomy® is considered to be the highest in world gastronomy. UK based company "EURO TOUR BOOKING LIMITED" has established this pattern of certification since 2018 providing the chance to notable entities of becoming globally certified for their achievements,

as distinguished in the excellence of their services and contribution to their local gastronomy, and representatives of their own culture.


The golden spiral is the emblem of the certification award of Ambassadors of Taste for the Global Gastronomy® and is derived by ancient Greece, where it was used as a symbol of growth, power and unity. In addition, Ancient Greece was the first in history to introduce the word "gastronomy" (gastronomía), from (gastḗr, “stomach”) + (nómos, “knowledge, law”) *etymology


Each year a global conference is held in one country, where all certified members of Ambassadors of Taste for the Global Gastronomy® are reunited in order to communicate with the culinary world and promote global taste. The conferences are live streaming events broadcasted on social media.


Presentation of the honorary titles is implemented through a certification process in context of reliable sources of evaluation specialists in taste & gastronomy worldwide. The authoritative board for the evaluation of applications is composed of professional chefs with global presence and academic level, set all around the world, functioning as official assessors of Ambassadors of Taste for the Global Gastronomy®.