Dr. Chef Saurabh Sharma - Sustain our Global Culinary Heritage - Words by an Ambassador of Taste® that is awarded the Silver Medal of the global organization of Ambassadors of Taste for the Global Gastronomy®

Dr. Chef Saurabh belongs to Ladnun, a small town in District Nagaur of Rajasthan

Unlike many people he was never a person of dreams but he always knew how to

put his best foot forward. He has always believed in giving his 100 % to whatever he

does and he firmly believes that there is nothing that one cannot do and the reason

behind this thought is very practical. Until you don’t try to do something you are

already a failure and you never know if you do that thing you might succeed. That is

why he always pushes himself to the limits. He being a part of hotel / culinary

fraternity was not something he dreams of but something he joined as a graduation

course and one thing led to another. During his Post Graduation days a realization

struck him that the culinary heritage of Rajasthan existed only in books or in some

big Hotels. This realization later became the motivation and the topic of his PhD


He is compassionate towards cooking and promoting it to the world that is why he

himself did his Post-Doctoral Research on the “LOST RECIPES OF RAJASTHAN”

with title "Culinary Heritage of Rajasthan and its Impact on Rajasthan Tourism &

economy, Sustainability Issues, Challenges and Impacts".

Cooking has always been a great passion for Saurabh and considers it a form of

meditation. His key area of focus has always been to do something for reviving the

lost recipes of Rajasthan. He is the organizing sectary of "Master chef Rajasthan"

and the theme of this competition was "culinary heritage of Rajasthan".This

competition held at six mejour cities of Rajasthan state.

(State of Rajasthan has a population of 68,548,437).