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GÜNTHER KOERFFER| World-renowned Master Confectioner & Representative for Sweden|is announced as an official AMBASSADOR OF TASTE FOR THE GLOBAL GASTRONOMY® GOLD MEDALLIST 2022 


Günther Koerffer is a famous and renowned Master confectioner! He owns a  confectionery Café & organic sourdough bakery, in Ulricehamn- Sweden where he lives. He is the President of CEBP artisan bakers and confectioners in Europe and  the Président of Uibc, the world organisation for Bakers & Confectioner. 


His vision statement: Baking Without Borders... Meaning, to open up for all colleagues in the world, promote our young colleagues. Non political or religious. Helping to keep our product original, healthy, and take care of our heritage. 


"When King Carl Gustav married the German Silvia Sommerlath, Günther Koerffer created an almond dessert for the wedding and when their daughter Victoria was baptized, he prepared dessert for the festive dinner. For the wedding of Crown Princess Victoria with Prince Daniel, Körffer and his employees created a 15-tier cake that is 3.60 m high and weighs 600 kg, the tallest royal wedding cake in the world. Before he made the big cake, Körffer worked worldwide, for example in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Dubai, Canada and at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. In 1984 he started his own café and pastry shop in Ulricehamn. For the 700th anniversary of his place of residence, he and other Swedish confectioners made a 700 m long “princess cake”. Körffer worked worldwide, for example in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Dubai, Canada and at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City." Wikipedia Günther Körffer 


The Chef's mission goes along with the core values of Ambassadors of Taste for the Global Gastronomy® organization & guide, such us: "Achievement of a sustainable gastronomy","Cultural heritage preservation", "Environmental sustainability", "Humanitarian aid" and need for "Unity and peace" 

This official award is considered as the top honor for Chefs and other entities connected with high-end gastronomy, in the world.

The global organization & guide AMBASSADORS OF TASTE FOR THE GLOBAL GASTRONOMY® certified & awarded Mr. Günther Koerffer with the honorary title of AMBASSADORS OF TASTE FOR THE GLOBAL GASTRONOMY® Gold Medal 2022 for his dedication in sustainable gastronomy and for his inspiring vision to spread his knowledge to young colleagues and preserve his heritage. 





Günther Koerffer, CEBP President in Sweden, as well as the rest of the Nordic countries, President of the European Bakers and Pastry Chefs, President of Welt and an official Ambassador of Taste for the Global Gastronomy® 2022 representing Sweden and the whole world of taste. 


“My long-lasting route gives me an insight into how bakeries and confectioneries look different in context of manufacturing products and range. I've made a lot of personal friendships and I'm so privileged to explore and enjoy the finest tastes the world has to offer…

In my country we eat lots of meat, nice fish, and enjoy the wildlife from the forest. Due to the cold climate, we eat coarser bread, with rye whole grains and oats. Strong dishes usually organic. Our clean air and water guarantee the highest quality. We have berries, mushrooms and fruit that are only found here in Sweden! These are perfect for cakes, ice cream and dessert!”



Baking without borders...




Vänliga Hälsningar


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