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The Ambassadors of Taste for the Global Gastronomy® organization & guide is open to applicants as influentive Chefs around the world, high-end gastronomy restaurants, market leaders (producers) & institutions held in the highest regard plus single entities renowned for their positive social impact.




                                                Should fulfill the special requirements:


         CHEFS requirements


To have a clear vision about Gastronomy and work in this direction. Knowledge, skills and experience is a major part of the total requirements the same as a proven track record of achievements.

To perceive world gastronomy trends and having mastered local cuisine and traditional recipes by preserving authenticity.

To understand the purpose of nature’s ingredients in a culinary manner and how their nutritional value sustain health.

To adapt a personality or a company profile of perfection, to act as teamwork, to inspire others and be friendly and socially confident. To respect other cultures and support global unity among people.

To be open to humanitarian aid missions and act on the reduction of food waste.

To be aware and act in accordance with the practices of environmental sustainability.

To preserve cultural heritage through actions as national culinary event participations and internet campaigns.

To have a fine branded website that complies with safety browsing and a good user experience. The same should stand for social media representations. Social media pages should look impressive and aesthetic.



         RESTAURANTS requirements  


STAR SYSTEM RATING by acquiring 1 or more Ambassadors of  Taste® Stars (depending on the assessor’s evaluation) 

Excellent food service, finest facilities & reliable services concerning all sections of the restaurant.

Inspirational restaurant interior & exterior design.

To adapt environmental sustainability by implementing practices against food waist and other threats for environment.

Strong identity-focused philosophy reflecting on culture & authenticity.

Inventive dining menu with refined dishes and local food identity.

To adapt Culinary Cosmopolitanism - openness to and willingness to engage with cultural exchange.

Culinary professional team featuring talented chefs who create an immersive experience.







As a (consumers product) company to have a global trading commitment and excellent taste of products that preserve authenticity. *National safety certifications is a prerequisite.

For delicatessen shops or taste spots to preserve authentic tastes.

For Institutions and Single entities to conform with the core values of  Ambassadors of Taste for the Global Gastronomy® organization & guide.


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