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  • Renowned Chef Alex Samoilis Transforms Culinary Landscapes: From Lebanon to Saudi Arabia



Renowned international chef and official Ambassador of Taste for the Global Gastronomy®, Alex Samoilis, continues to make waves in the culinary world. Following his successful consulting journey in Lebanon, where he enhanced dining experiences across 50 venues, Chef Samoilis has now embarked on a transformative training program in Saudi Arabia. With his unwavering passion for culinary excellence, he aims to elevate the skills and plating techniques of 40 talented chefs in the kingdom. This article explores his remarkable journey and the profound impact he is making across the globe’s culinary landscape with paramount priority the philosophy of an Ambassador of Taste®.


Consulting Success in Lebanon:

Having recently returned from a triumphant consulting project in Lebanon, Chef Alex Samoilis brings his invaluable expertise to Saudi Arabia. The Lebanese journey saw him collaborate with a company boasting an impressive portfolio of 50 venues, where he revolutionized dining experiences. Now, he sets his sights on Saudi Arabia, where he aims to inspire and empower a select group of 40 chefs with high-level culinary skills and innovative plating techniques.


Elevating Culinary Skills in Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia, with its rich culinary traditions and diverse flavors, serves as an ideal setting for Chef Samoilis's transformative training program. Recognizing the kingdom's growing culinary scene and the immense talent of local chefs, he endeavors to hone their skills and provide them with the tools to excel in their craft. Through hands-on workshops, personalized guidance, and immersive training sessions, Chef Samoilis aims to elevate Saudi Arabian cuisine to new heights.


Pushing Boundaries: High-Level Skills and Plating Techniques:

Chef Samoilis is renowned for his attention to detail, artistic presentations, and innovative approach to plating. In Saudi Arabia, he intends to share his expertise and push the boundaries of culinary artistry. The training program encompasses a wide range of high-level skills, including advanced cooking techniques, flavor pairing, texture manipulation, and the art of creating visually stunning plates that engage all the senses. By imparting these skills, Chef Samoilis aims to empower the Saudi Arabian chefs to create gastronomic masterpieces that leave a lasting impression on diners.


Fostering Creativity and Collaboration:

Chef Samoilis firmly believes in fostering creativity and collaboration within the culinary community. In Saudi Arabia, he encourages the participating chefs to explore their own unique culinary voices, experiment with local ingredients, and infuse their dishes with personal flair. Through interactive sessions, group discussions, and a supportive learning environment, he seeks to create a sense of camaraderie among the chefs, allowing for the exchange of ideas and the cultivation of a vibrant culinary culture.


Leaving a Lasting Legacy:

Chef Alex Samoilis's journey from Lebanon to Saudi Arabia is not just a series of consulting projects; it is a profound mission to leave a lasting culinary legacy. Through his training program, he aspires to empower and inspire the next generation of Saudi Arabian chefs, equipping them with the skills and creativity to revolutionize the kingdom's culinary scene. By elevating their craftsmanship and pushing the boundaries of plating techniques, Chef Samoilis envisions a future where Saudi Arabian cuisine is celebrated on a global stage.



Renowned Chef Alex Samoilis's recent culinary endeavors in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia exemplify his unwavering commitment to transforming gastronomic landscapes. From consulting for a company with 50 venues in Lebanon to training 40 chefs in Saudi Arabia, he continues to inspire and elevate the culinary world. With his expertise, passion, and dedication, Chef Samoilis leaves an indelible mark on the culinary scenes of both nations, empowering chefs to push the boundaries of their craft and create culinary experiences that transcend borders.

The Chef's mission goes along with the core values of Ambassadors of Taste for the Global Gastronomy® organization & guide, such us: "Achievement of a sustainable gastronomy","Cultural heritage preservation", "Environmental sustainability", "Humanitarian aid" and need for "Unity and peace" 

This official award is considered as the top honor for Chefs and other entities connected with high-end gastronomy, in the world.

The global organization & guide AMBASSADORS OF TASTE FOR THE GLOBAL GASTRONOMY® certified & awarded Mr. Alex Samoilis with the honorary title of AMBASSADORS OF TASTE FOR THE GLOBAL GASTRONOMY® Gold Medal 2023 for his dedication in sustainable gastronomy and for his amazing career in the global culinary scene.


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