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DIMA AL-CHAAR| Executive Chef & Culinary consultant for Syria |is announced as an AMBASSADOR OF TASTE FOR THE GLOBAL GASTRONOMY® GOLD MEDALLIST 2021

Dima grew up in Syria in the ancient city of Damascus “Du-misk” in Roman which means “very aromatic”. The city has the enchanting aroma of Jasmine flowers in the air and is known for its generosity and hospitality.

“Syria is my getaway, a paradise on earth, where they speak the language of generosity & hospitality” Dima quotes

After graduating in cooking, hospitality & restaurant management from Montreal, Canada, she began her path in the gastronomy & restaurants business.

“Traveling is one of the main reasons to knowledge improvement. However, passion is the source of creativity and key to success in life” Dima quotes

With over 20 years of experience in culinary arts & restaurant management in several countries, exemplifying leadership qualities with numerous records of achievements; today Dima has decided to share her knowledge and expertise through her own hospitality & culinary consulting firm to support restaurant owners, managers & chefs achieving their business goals and to provide them with needed requirements, solutions & value-added advice.


Her ambition in life is reviving the Syrian cuisine & food culture with modern ideas and twists; this has derived from her belief that a person’s own roots are always the main motivator for creativity and inspiration “The apple never falls far from the tree”


The Chef's mission goes along with the core values of Ambassadors of Taste for the Global Gastronomy® organization & guide, such us: "Achievement of a sustainable gastronomy","Cultural heritage preservation", "Environmental sustainability", "Humanitarian aid" and need for "Unity and peace"

The global organization & guide AMBASSADORS OF TASTE FOR THE GLOBAL GASTRONOMY® certified & awarded Mrs. DIMA AL-CHAAR with the honorary title of AMBASSADORS OF TASTE FOR THE GLOBAL GASTRONOMY® Gold Medal 2021 for her dedication in sustainable gastronomy and her mission to spread the Syrian food culture throughout the world by doing pop-up events all around the world and deliver Syrian food heritage and culture to the rest of the world...


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