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ELISIO BERNARDES| Executive Chef & Culinary consultant for Portugal |is announced as an AMBASSADOR OF TASTE FOR THE GLOBAL GASTRONOMY® SILVER MEDALLIST 2021


Elisio Eduardo Bernardes was born in a small village in north of Portugal, called Sao Joao de Ver. After his education as a chef in the best schools in Portugal, he traveled around the world to cook in high-end gastronomy restaurants in Europe like Italy, Spain, Scotland, Swiss, Greece and Ukraine. He has mastered Portuguese gastronomy and considered as a top chef in Portugal. He is the executive chef of the 5star hotel Melia Braga in Portugal and the professional chef of the football team S.C. Braga. Elisio Bernardes believes that chefs can change the world by inspiring humanity towards sustainable thinking and living. The future could become better by reducing food waste, respecting the ingredients and the value of natural resources and never forget animal welfare. Elisio Bernardes notes that the most important is to understand that "food is affordable for all"...

The Chef's mission goes along with the core values of Ambassadors of Taste for the Global Gastronomy® organization & guide, such us: "Achievement of a sustainable gastronomy","Cultural heritage preservation", "Environmental sustainability", "Humanitarian aid" and need for "Unity and peace"
The global organization & guide AMBASSADORS OF TASTE FOR THE GLOBAL GASTRONOMY® certified & awarded Mr. ELISIO BERNARDES with the honorary title of AMBASSADORS OF TASTE FOR THE GLOBAL GASTRONOMY® Silver Medal 2021 for his dedication in sustainable gastronomy and for his inspiring vision to preserve the future of his local cuisine & authentic tastes. Moreover, for his mission to support children with community action tables. This official award is considered as the top honor for Chefs and other entities connected with gastronomy, in the world.


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