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JEAN NASSAR| World-travelled Chef & Representative for Turkey & Qatar is announced as an official AMBASSADOR OF TASTE FOR THE GLOBAL GASTRONOMY® GOLD MEDALLIST 2021

"Chef Jean Nassar Lebanese - Turkish certified Master Chef & Corporate Executive Chef for The Royal Family in Qatar"

Chef Jean Nassar’s culinary career began early on, inspired by his Lebanese parents and their love and respect for quality and tradition. Raised in an Lebanese-Egyptian household. Cooking has always been a part of Chef Jean’s life. While growing up in both Lebanon and Egypt, Chef Jean’s experienced two drastically different food cultures. After having studied Culinary Art in Beirut, he continued education at the “I.C.S. University Scranton, Pennsylvania”, where he graduated in Advanced Culinary Arts and obtained a distinction In Hot Kitchen, Larder, Pastry And F&B Management.

After finishing his studies, Chef Jean sought opportunities to further develop his own creativity. He worked in several Fine Dinning & Michelin Stars Restaurants alongside world renowned chefs. He continued his career In France, Russia, Turkey, The United Kingdom, Middle East and the Gulf Region where he worked at high quality restaurants and hotels such As Lenotre Paris, La Centrale Beirut, The Marmara Hotel Istanbul, Swiss Hotel Istanbul, Sofa Hotel Istanbul & Mmc Group Kuwait.

Chef Jean has been recognized with several Culinary Awards for his cooking talent. Chef Jean's cooking style is innovative, creative, native and simple and explores modern variations of European, Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Cuisine.

He prefers fresh seasonal ingredients, which utilize fresh herbs and vegetables, quality Olive Oil and fresh Meat and Fish. Throughout Chef Jean's Career, he has taken on side projects working with esteemed named restaurants, brands and companies and is currently consulting on various projects. He also organizes a program that aims to raise mental health awareness and improve the Well-Being of Hospitality Professionals, through the benefits of traveling and discovering new cultures.


The Chef's mission goes along with the core values of Ambassadors of Taste for the Global Gastronomy® organization & guide, such us: "Achievement of a sustainable gastronomy","Cultural heritage preservation", "Environmental sustainability", "Humanitarian aid" and need for "Unity and peace"

This official award is considered as the top honor for Chefs and other entities connected with gastronomy, in the world.

The global organization & guide AMBASSADORS OF TASTE FOR THE GLOBAL GASTRONOMY® certified & awarded Mr. JEAN NASSAR with the honorary title of AMBASSADORS OF TASTE FOR THE GLOBAL GASTRONOMY® Gold Medal 2021 for his distinguished talent in creating & developing gastronomy and culinary arts, and for his remarkable career as one of the top most promising chefs with leading personality around the world.


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